AUXA Auxiliary Torque Arm

Auxiliary Torque Arm for Screwdriver models 203-745 (Ext Brush), B203-B7120 (Brushless) and BAN960-BAN9250 (Powerful Torque).

AUXA Auxiliary Torque Arm for Sumake External Brush and Brushless Electric Screwdrivers:

The Auxiliary Torque Arms are recommended to be used with the Powerful Torque Range of Sumake Electric Screwdrivers. This Auxiliary Torque Arm can now also be used with the External Brush Series of Electric Screwdrivers and also the Brushless Range of Electric Screwdrivers, to help eliminate torque reaction of the tool and reduce operator strain.

The rocker arm allows for 360º movement and the main shaft can be extended to a maximum of 830mm. An internal gas mechanism allows the user to grab the Linear Torque Arm easily with automatic lift up and repositioning after finishing the work piece. A 90º adaptor is supplied with the AUXA Torque Arm allowing the user to adjust the angle in accordance with the work piece for extended use application.

Please note that no Adaptor Bush is required for the BAN960-BAN9250 Electric Screwdrivers. Please select the correct adaptor bush from the list below.

Adaptor Bush Part Number Applicable Screwdriver Models
EAA-AUX-AD 408-416 Lever or Push Start
B412-B419 Lever or Push Start
EAA-AUX-AD1 203-210 Lever or Push Start
B203-B210 Lever or Push Start
EAA-AUX-AD2 610-630 Lever or Push Start
B630-B650 Lever or Push Start
EAA-AUX-AD3 712-745 Lever or Push Start
B760-B7120 Lever or Push Start

AUXA Auxiliary Torque Arm Specifications:
Model No: EAA-AUXA
Description: Suspension Arm
Reach: 50-830mm
Capacity: Max 4Kgs
Gas Spring: 30Kgs

Product Order Code:
SUEAA-AUX – EAA-AUXA Auxiliary Torque Arm

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