*Discontinued* 951B Lead Free Solder Station

951B Lead Free Solder Station:

The 951 Lead Free Solder Station is a temperature controlled digital unit and includes the station, iron and stand. The unit is designed for bench mounting and has a temperature range of 200 to 450°C which is selected using the keypad. The display will show the temperature and the heater LED will light up to indicate the preset temperature is ready.

The 3 digit display, depending on the selected display mode, will show one of the following.
Normal mode – tip temperature.
Input value.
Display temperature unit (°C or °F).
Error Code.

The solder station also has a temperature compensation facility, for example if the setting is 400°C but the temperature of the tip is 410°C, the delta is – 10°C. By using the keypad, it is then a simple process to select the compensation setting. For safety, this unit also has a power saving mode which is able to be adjusted to the desired time, is RoHS compliant and ESD safe.

951B Lead Free Solder Station Technical Data:
Temperature Range: 200-450°C (400-800°F)
Temperature Stability: +/- 5°C (9°F)
Power Consumption (Station): 75W
Power Consumption (Iron): 70W
Weight (Solder Station): 1.2Kgs
Weight (Soldering Iron): 30g (Without Cord)
Dimensions (Station): 80 x 130 x 131mm
Dimensions (Iron): 188mm Long, 1.2m Cord Length

951B Solder Iron Tips:
EUR-951B-T12B – Type T12B
EUR-951B-T12B2 – Type T12B2
EUR-951B-T12C1 – Type T12C1
EUR-951B-T12C4 – Type T12C4
EUR-951B-T12I – Type T12I
EUR-951B-T12K – Type T12K

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