*Discontinued* 951A Lead Free Solder Station

951A Lead Free Solder Station:

The 951 Lead Free Solder Station is a temperature controlled digital unit and includes the station, iron and stand. The unit is designed for bench mounting and has a temperature range of 200 to 450°C which is selected using the keypad. The display will show the temperature and the heater LED will light up to indicate the preset temperature is ready.

The 3 digit display, depending on the selected display mode, will show one of the following.
Normal mode – tip temperature.
Input value.
Display temperature unit (°C or °F).
Error Code.

The solder station also has a temperature compensation facility, for example if the setting is 400°C but the temperature of the tip is 410°C, the delta is – 10°C. By using the keypad, it is then a simple process to select the compensation setting. For safety, this unit also has a power saving mode which is able to be adjusted to the desired time, is RoHS compliant and ESD safe.

Replacement Solder Tips:
The Soldering iron comes fitted as standard with a 0.5mm diameter tip (10mm long). Various options are available, including:
Tips range in size (depending on type) from as small as 0.2mm diameter, up to 5.20mm diameter.
The tip is changed easily and quickly by simply unscrewing the securing collar.

951A Lead Free Solder Station Technical Data:
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 75W
Weight (Station): 1.5Kgs
Weight (Iron): 87g
Dimensions (Station): 80 x 130 x 130mm
Dimensions (Iron): 180mm Long, Lead Length 1100mm
Temperature Range: 200-450°C

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