3260 Electric Ribbon Cable Separator

The Model 3260 Electric Ribbon Cable Splitter is capable of processing Ribbon Cables up to 76mm wide.

3260 Electric Ribbon Cable Separator:

Second User units are also available.

The model 3260 Electric Ribbon Cable Splitter has a motor driven unit which will separate ribbon cable at approx 1″ per second. This electric ribbon cable separator can separate individual or groups of conductors. Optional tooling for specials. Interchangeable tools for different spaced cables. The 3260 Bench Mounted Ribbon Cable Splitter will separate cables up to 76mm wide, 220v and 110v versions of this machine are available. This machine separates cables 3.00″ width as standard however 6.00″ cable width can be separated with 2 passes.

Model 3260 Electric Ribbon Cable Slitter Technical Data:
Voltage: 220V (110V available on request)
Dimensions: 356 x 216 x 191mm
Weight: 11.34Kgs (25Lbs)
Warranty: 12 Months

Product Order Code:
MC2400 – Model 3260 Ribbon Cable Splitter

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