SPULBOI Cable Spool Storage/Unwinding System

The SPULBOI Cable Spool Storage System has been designed mainly for use in workshops or production areas. The SPULBOI allows for clearly ordered spool storage.

  1. General Details

    SPULBOI Cable Spool Storage System

    The SPULBOI Cable Spool Storage System has been designed mainly for use in workshops or production areas. The SPULBOI allows for clearly ordered storing, twisting-free material unwind from each spool and cutting to length according to demand. The special advantage of some of these racks is the individual storing of each spool which allows quick and comfortable exchange of the single cable spools. Due to the individual suspension, each cable spool is slightly braked and the spool stops immediately upon material payout in order to avoid uncontrolled reeling off after dispensing.

    • Variable equipping possibilities
    • Space saving system
    • Mobile storage device
    • Length measurement possible
    • Easy assembly and removal of the cable spools (spools are stored separately)
    • Possible combinations with the MATBOI Cable Coil Storage System – Please contact us with Spool & Coil sizes.

    Model Number SPULBOI-S Photo
    Weight 100Kgs
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 1780 x 1040 x 700mm
    Standard SPULBOI consists of the following (as per photo)
    1 x Storage Rack 650 Mobile KM85101500
    1 x SPULBOI 300-3-S KM86003011
    1 x SPULBOI 310-7-S KM85100568
    1 x SPULBOI 310-5-S KM86003099
    1 x SPULBOI 200-7-S KM85100559
    1 x Cable Guiding Rail KM85100552
    1 x MESSBOI 10LS KM85100441
    Complete Standard SPULBOI Part Number MCKM-SPULBOI-S
  2. Storage Rack/Wall Profile Rail
    Model NumberStorage Rack 650 MobileAttachment Piece for
    Storage Rack
    Wall Profile Rail
    Max Loading Capacity200Kgs--
    Dimensions (HxWxD)1780 x 1040 x 700mm60 x 30 x 315mm980 x 30 x 13mm
    Part NumberKM85101500KM86181001KM85100201
    InfoIncludes 4 Rollers with BrakeComplete unit including clamping rail and screws to extend storage rack about 300mmFor mounting SPULBOI and MATBOI units
    Note-Not suitable for MATBOI 480T and 650T unitsNot suitable for MATBOI 480T and 650T units
  3. Horizontal Spool Storage Options
    Model NumberSPULBOI 200-4-SSPULBOI 300-3-SSPULBOI 450-2-S
    Bearing4 Single Mounted Plates3 Single Mounted Plates2 Single Mounted Plates
    Plate OD200mm300mm450mm
    Max Spool OD190mm290mm440mm
    Centering Piece16mm OD x 200mm Long16mm OD x 200mm Long16mm OD x 200mm Long
    Centering Cone for Bore OD25-80mm25-80mm25-80mm
    Max Spool Weight8Kgs8Kgs8Kgs
    All supplied with overrun brake and fixture for MESSBOI 10H to be mounted on shelf
    Part NumberKM86003004KM86003011KM86003010
  4. Vertical Spool Storage Options

    Vertical Spool Storage Unit SPULBOI 200-7-S & 310-7-S

    Model NumberSPULBOI 200-7-SSPULBOI 310-7-S
    BearingPatent holders for 7 single mounted spools
    Spool OD150-200mm310mm
    Spool Width75-80mm75mm
    Core ID50mm150mm
    Max Spool Weight4Kgs5Kgs
    Part NumberKM85100559KM85100568
    InfoWith patented axle-free spool holders, spools (85015850 & 85015840) are suspended and removable individually.With patented axle-free spool holders, spool (85100404) are suspended and removable individually and included in the scope of delivery.

    Empty Cable Spools for SPULBOI 200-7-S & 310-7-S

    Model NumberEmpty Spool 1Empty Spool 2Empty Spool 3Empty Spool 4
    Spool OD150mm200mm310mm310mm
    Core ID50mm50mm150mm150mm
    Spool Width80mm75mm75mm150mm
    Bore OD18.5mm18.5mm30mm30mm
    Max Spool Loading Capacity4Kgs4Kgs5Kgs5Kgs
    Cable Drum ColourOrangeBlackBlackBlack
    Part NumberKM85015850KM85015840KM85100404KM85100406

    Vertical Spool Storage Unit SPULBOI 310-3-S~500-4-S

    Model NumberSPULBOI 310-3-SSPULBOI 310-4-SSPULBOI 310-5-SSPULBOI 500-4-S
    Bearing3 Individually Stored Axles4 Individually Stored Axles5 Individually Stored Axles4 Individually Stored Axles
    Max Spool OD310mm310mm310mm500mm
    Max Spool Width270mm215mm167mm215mm
    Axle OD10mm10mm10mm10mm
    Max Axle Loading20Kgs15Kgs10Kgs8Kgs
    Max Loading Capacity50Kgs50Kgs50Kgs30Kgs
    Part NumberKM86004080KM86003098KM86003099KM86103090
  5. Measuring Options & Guiding Rail
    Model NumberMESSBOI 10LSMESSBOI 10H
    Cable Diameters1-15mm1-15mm
    Measuring ForceSpring PressureSpring Pressure
    Measuring Length9999.99m9999.99m
    Measuring Accuracy+/- 2%+/- 2%
    Dimensions (LxWxH)260 x 110 x 140mm260 x 110 x 140mm
    Requires Cable Guiding TrackYesNo
    HolderWith holder for mounting into cable guiding rail. Length measuring unit can be moved along the rail.With holder for mounting onto part number KM86003004, KM86003011 & KM86003010.

    Cable Guiding Rail Technical Data:
    Part Number: KM85100552
    Info: Equipped with 30 reverse-lock wire guides. The rail includes horizontal extension slides and can be mounted to rack or wall profile to centralize material dispensing. For spools up to 310mm OD.

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