Push Start Brushless Powerful Torque Electric Screwdrivers

Push Start Brushless Powerful Torque Electric Screwdriver. Models available with Torque Ranging between 2Nm and 18Nm.

  1. General Details

    Push Start Brushless Powerful Torque Electric Screwdrivers:

    The Powerful Torque range of Electric Screwdrivers (2~18Nm) also utilises the Sumake Brushless Motor design which does not create carbon dust making it ideal for assembling high torque products in a clean-room environment. This Electric Screwdriver offers exceptional powerful performance normally found only in pneumatic tools so it can also be used for large sized LED/LCD panels or home appliances. These tools can be suspended from a spring balance to reduce work fatigue and are available as either a lever start (SUEA-BA***L), push start (SUEA-BA***P) or pistol lever start on which you can select lower or upper cable entry (SUEA-BT***LU – upper entry, SUEA-BT***LD – lower entry). All versions feature an easily adjustable external torque control and the SUEA-BA series Powerful Torque Electric Screwdriver is also available with an ESD housing. It is recommended that all of the SUEA-BA series Powerful Torque Electric Screwdriver are used with a Auxiliary Linear Torque Arm (SUEAA-AUXA) to provide stability (a telescoping linear torque arm is also available SUTA-T030).

    Auxiliary Linear Torque Arm for
    Powerful Torque Screwdrivers:
    Telescopic Linear Torque Arm for
    Powerful Torque Screwdrivers:




  2. BA**** Series

    Please note that some models supplied may start with BAN**** instead of the BA**** listed below, this is due to the manufacturer changing the part numbers.

    Model NoTorque Range (Nm)Speed (Hi/Low)Machine Screw (mm)Power SourceScrewdriver Bit Size
    BA960P/C62-610004.0-5.0DC40VB Hex 6.35mm
    BA990P/C63-98005.0-6.0DC40VB Hex 6.35mm
    BA9120P/C64-12550< 8.0DC40VB Hex 6.35mm
    BA9180P/C66-18350< 10.0DC40VB Hex 6.35mm

  3. Power Supply Options

    Standard Power Supply Units Supplied with each Screwdriver Model:

    Model NoOperating Vol.
    Output Vol.
    Output CapacityDimensions
    Recommended Models
    Max 1.8A
    145 x 60 x 35BD412L, BD419L
    BD412P, BD419P
    (High Speed)
    Max 1.8A
    200 x 80 x 66BD412LH, BD417LH
    BD412PH, BD417PH
    Max 5.5A
    213 x 135 x 70BD630L, BD630LH,
    BD650L, BD630P,
    BD630PH, BD650P

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