MATBOI Cable Coil Storage/Unwinding System

The MATBOI Cable Coil Storage System has been designed mainly for use in workshops or production areas. The MATBOI allows for clearly ordered Coil storage.

  1. General Details

    MATBOI Cable Coil Storage System

    The MATBOI Cable Coil Storage System has been designed mainly for use in workshops or production areas. The MATBOI allows for twist-free material unwinding, simultaneous measuring and cutting to length of winding material such as Cables, Tubes or profiles wound on commercial coils are possible. The coils are stored clearly and are ready for unwinding.

    The unwinding and storage plates for larger coils can be slid sideways via the swivel arms, this ensures easy storage and removal of the large coils. A central adjustment of the clamping bolts assure a simple and continuous tension of the coils.

    An additional bouncing protection consisting of border bolts and cover plate avoids against bouncing of single winding layers. The coil unwinding plates are made of winding friendly surfaces and are equipped with a brake to prevent the material from an unconditional material flow during the unwinding process.

    • Mobile storage device
    • Length measurement possible
    • Easy assembly and removal of the coils (coils are stored separately)
    • Possible combinations with the SPULBOI Cable Spool Storage System – Please contact us with Spool & Coil sizes.

    Model Number MATBOI-S Photo
    Weight 100Kgs
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 1780 x 1040 x 700mm
    Standard MATBOI consists of the following (as per photo)
    1 x Storage Rack 650 Mobile KM85101500
    2 x MATBOI 450T Coil Storage KM85100159
    3 x MATBOI 300T Coil Storage KM85100157
    1 x MATBOI 200T Coil Storage KM85100155
    Complete Standard MATBOI Part Number MCKM-MATBOI-S
  2. Storage Rack/Wall Profile Rail
    Model NumberStorage Rack 650 MobileAttachment Piece for
    Storage Rack
    Wall Profile Rail
    Max Loading Capacity200Kgs--
    Dimensions (HxWxD)1780 x 1040 x 700mm60 x 30 x 315mm980 x 30 x 13mm
    Part NumberKM85101500KM86181001KM85100201
    InfoIncludes 4 Rollers with BrakeComplete unit including clamping rail and screws to extend storage rack about 300mmFor mounting SPULBOI and MATBOI units
    Note-Not suitable for MATBOI 480T and 650T unitsNot suitable for MATBOI 480T and 650T units
  3. Horizontal Cable Coil Storage Options
    Model NumberMATBOI 200TMATBOI 300TMATBOI 450T
    Plate OD200mm300mm450mm
    Max Coil OD190mm290mm440mm
    Height of Centering Pins110mm110mm110mm
    Core Adjusting Range80-150mm90-180mm150-250mm
    Max Coil Weight8Kgs10Kgs12Kgs
    Part NumberKM85100155KM85100157KM85100159
    InfoAll 3 of the above come supplied with mounting brackets for mounting of the MESSBOI 10H Measuring Device in front of each Coil Plate
  4. Large Horizontal Coil Storing Units & Bouncing Protection Options

    MATBOI Large Coil Storing Units

    Type of Swivel ArmLeftRightLeftRight
    Coil Plate OD480mm480mm650mm650mm
    Max Coil Size470mm470mm640mm640mm
    Height Centering Pins250mm250mm250mm250mm
    Core Adjusting Range140-320mm140-320mm180-500mm180-500mm
    Max Coil Weight20Kgs20Kgs20Kgs20Kgs
    Part NumberKM85101502KM85101503KM85101505KM85101506

    Bouncing Protection for MATBOI 480T/650T

    Model NumberBouncing Protection for MATBOI 480TBouncing Protection for MATBOI 650T
    Max Cover Plate OD480mm650mm
    No of Border Pins55
    Height of Border Pins305mm305mm
    Max Coil Height230mm230mm
    Weight of Cover Plate2.7Kgs3.8Kgs
    Part NumberKM85101504KM85101507
  5. Length Measuring Device & Accessories
    Model NumberMESSBOI 10HMESSBOI 25MESSBOI 25 Holder at MATBOI Storage Rack
    Cable Diameters1-15mm2-25mm--
    Measuring ForceSpring PressureSpring Pressure--
    Measuring Length9999.99m9999.99m--
    Measuring Accuracy+/- 2%+/- 0.5%--
    Dimensions (LxWxH)260 x 110 x 140mm120 x 160 x 350mm--
    Part NumberMCKM-MES10HMCKM-MES25KM85101002-
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