Hire Equipment

Hire Equipment:

We offer a huge range of machinery for hire, either on a weekly, monthly or longer term basis on most of the equipment held in stock, whether it’s a Small Hand Tool or an Automatic Wire Preparation Machine, if we have it in stock we are happy to hire this out.

Hire prices starting from £50 per week + VAT.

Below is a range of Hire Machines we currently hold in stock (links to the datasheets are also below):

  • Kingsing KS-W602 Cut & Strip Machine (up to 5mm OD)
  • Komax 34/Kodera C351 Cut & Strip Machine (up to 11mm OD)
  • Schleuniger CCM1000 Cutting Machine
  • Kingsing KS-W600 Cut to Length Machine
  • CCB3000 Motorised Prefeeder
  • MD260 Evo-Reel Cable DeReeler
  • County Component Counter
  • County S SMD Component Counter
  • Meisei HOTweezer Thermal Wire Strippers
  • DPT50 Digital Crimp Pull Tester
  • Digital Torque Meters
  • Schleuniger CO257 Coax Stripping Machine
  • Schleuniger 207 Coax Stripping Machine
  • FEK-60EM Electric Crimping Machine
  • DPF1000 Wire Strip & Twist Machine
  • EC2 Evo Enamel Wire Stripper
  • Ezmro Tape Dispensers
  • Crimp Table
  • Crimp Cradle
  • Kingsing KS-WK20 Wire Twisting Machine
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