LC100 Electric Cut to Length Machine

The LC100 Automatic Cutting Machine is capable of processing up to approx 8mm OD.

  1. General Details

    LC100 Electric Cut to Length Machine:

    The LC100 Cutting Machine will cut cable, wires, heat shrink tubing and other similar materials up to a diameter of 8mm, stranded wire up to 10mm², solid copper to 2.5mm². Features of the LC100 Cut to Length Machine are: Simple setup via the keypad, auto adjustment of cutting length to compensate for different dereeling options, 9 feed adjustments and a cable out sensor.

    PC operation allowing infinite number of databases available. Comes with plastic serrated rollers – PU coated rollers available as optional extras. Material change is very simple on the LC100 Digital Cutting Machine. The front flap swivels down, the drive and measurement rollers are automatically moved away from each other. The material being cut is inserted and when the front closes, the drive and measurement rollers position themselves automatically.

  2. Technical Data

    LC100 Electric Wire Cutting Machine Technical Data:
    Cutting Capacity (Stranded Wire): 0.08-10mm²
    Cutting Capacity (Solid Core Wire): 0.08-2.5mm²
    Max Material Size: 8mm O.D.
    Max Feed Speed: 500mm Per/Sec
    Min Cut Length: 2mm
    Interface: RS232
    Voltage: 230V/50Hz (110V/60Hz Available on request)
    Dimensions: 194 x 295 x 227mm
    Weight: 11Kgs
    Warranty: 12 Months

    Product Order Code:
    MC0240 – LC100 Electric Cut to Length Machine

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