KS-W88* Series of Automatic Coax Cable Cut & Strip Machines

The KS-W88* Series of Automatic Coax Cable Cut & Strip Machine range is capable of processing between 0.6 and 5.5mm O.D.

  1. General Details

    KS-W88* Series of Automatic Coax Cable Cut & Strip Machines:

    The KS-W88* Series of Automatic Coax Cable Cut and Strip Machine are designed to strip a maximum of 3 layers from Coaxial Cables. These machines have a 3 step stripping function. The KS-W88* Series of Auto Cut and Strip Machines are designed for cutting and stripping small coax cables up to 5.5mm outer diameter.

    The KS-W88* Series of Coax Cable Cutting and Stripping machines are also supplied with a set of guide tubes, comprehensive user manual, wire straightener, hard tungsten steel blades and a full 1 year return to base warranty.

  2. Technical Data
    KS-W88* Coax Cable Cut & Strip Machines Technical Data
    Model Number:KS-W881KS-W882KS-W885
    Suitable Material:Coaxial Cable, Triaxial Cable, Shielded Cable, TV Signal Cable, Audio Cable etc.
    Blade Quantity:2 Pcs2 Pcs2 Pcs
    Cable Size:0.6-4.0mm O.D.1.0-5.5mm O.D.0.81-3.5mm O.D.
    Stripping Length:Min Cut Length: 18mm (with 12mm insulation, half strip).
    Min Cut Length: 20mm (with 14mm insulation, full strip).
    Leading End: No Limit
    Trailing End: Max 40mm
    Min Cut Length: 14mm (with 12mm insulation, half strip)
    Max Stripping Layers:869
    Stripping Tolerance:+/- 0.01mm+/- 0.01mm+/- 0.01mm
    Blade Material:Tungsten SteelTungsten SteelTungsten Steel
    Required Air Supply:0.4-0.6Mpa (4-6 Bar)0.4-0.6Mpa (4-6 Bar)0.4-0.6Mpa (4-6 Bar)
    Power Rating:700W800W800W
    Voltage: 220V/50Hz
    Dimensions:650 x 660 x 400mm609 x 690 x 400mm609 x 690 x 400mm
    Product Order Code:MCKS-W881MCKS-W882MCKS-W885
  3. Product Video

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