*New* KS-W600H Tube Cutting Machine

The KS-W600H Tube Cutting Machine is capable of processing Heatshrink, PVC Tube, Nylon Braided Tape, Rubber Tube and more up to 16mm OD.

  1. General Details

    KS-W600H Tube Cutting Machine:

    The New KS-W600H Tube Cutting Machine is designed for Cutting a variety of different Tubing up to 16mm OD and lengths of up to 100m. This KS-W600H Tube Cutting Machine can store a maximum of 100 programs for different material and lengths which can be re-called at any time.

    This Tube Cutting Machine is capable of processing up to 20,000pcs/hour depending on the material type and lengths being cut.

    Suitable Material to cut on this machine: Heatshrink, PVC Tubing, Nylon Braided Tape, Rubber Tube, Small Wires up to 5mm OD and more.

    If you are interested in this machine, we would be happy to test samples on this machine and confirm the suitability. Please contact us for more information.

  2. Technical Data

    KS-W600H Tube Cutting Machine Technical Data:
    Max Tube Cutting Diameter: 16mm OD
    Max Wire Cutting Diameter: 5mm OD
    Cutting Lengths: 0.1-99999.9mm (100m)
    Cutting Tolerance: within 0.002mm x Length
    Production: up to 20,000pcs per hour
    Program Memory: 100
    Display Mode: 4.3″ Touch Screen
    Power Supply: AC175-250V (50/60Hz)
    Power: 120-220W
    Dimensions: 400 x 700 x 350mm
    Weight: 32Kgs
    Product Order Code: MCKS-W600H – KS-W600H Tube Cutting Machine

  3. Product Video
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