*Best Seller* JQ6100 Digital Cut to Length Machine

The JQ-6100 Automatic Cut to Length Machine is capable of processing up to approx 8mm Material O.D and 100mm Material Width.

  1. General Details

    JQ6100 Digital Cut to Length Machine:

    The JQ6100 Digital Wire Cutting Machine is a highly precise Cut to Length Machine capable of handling a wide variety of applications including tubing (various insulations), wires (soft and copper wires), hoses, ribbon cable and more. This powerful Electric Wire Cutting Machine also offers a cutting detector sensor with a 2 second time control, wire-out sensor, a reversible cutting motor and a stepper type feed motor.

  2. Technical Data

    JQ-6100 Digital Cut to Length Machine Technical Data:
    Max Material Size: Approx 8mm O.D.
    Max Material Width: 100mm
    Cutting Length: 0.1-99999mm
    Cutting Width: 0.1-100mm
    Largest Set No of Pieces: 99999pcs
    Storage No: 10pcs
    Voltage: 220~240V/50Hz (110V/60Hz Available on request)
    Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 320mm
    Weight: 25Kgs
    Warranty: 12 Months

    Product Order Code:
    MCJQ-6100 – JQ-6100 Automatic Cutting Machine

  3. Product Video

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