AKM-405 Pneumatic Cable Stripper

The AKM-405 Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine is capable of processing between 4mm and 15mm O.D cables and stripping lengths up to 50mm.

  1. General Details

    AKM-405 Pneumatic Cable Stripper:

    The AKM-405 Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine is a powerful cable stripper for cables with a diameter of 4-15mm O.D (6-70mm²). The easy handling and the exact centralised position of the cable allows precise stripping. Operation is via the supplied foot pedal. The AKM-405 Cable Stripping Machine has a maximum insulation stripping length of 50 mm, this bench unit is suitable for the most diverse possible applications. (Please note the video above is of the older styled AKM-420 Cable Stripper).

    This machine comes supplied with:
    Pneumatic Foot Pedal
    Safety Guards (CE Compliant)
    Triple Set of Stripping Blades (4-15mm)
    6pc Guide Tube Set (6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16mm diameter)
    Air Hoses
    Tool Kit

  2. Technical Data

    AKM-405 Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine Technical Data:
    Min/Max Cable Size: 4-15mm O.D.
    Max Stripping Length: 50mm
    Max Air Pressure: 6 Bar/90 PSI
    Weight: 11Kgs
    Dimensions: 250 x 230 x 180mm
    Product Order Code: TBC

  3. Product Video

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