Wire Cutting Hand Tools

HT-109 Economy Cable Cutters

This handy little tool is not only offered at a bargain price but it also provides two tools in one.

HT-206 Large Cable Cutters

The HT-206 Cable Cutter is a heavy duty tool designed for cutting cable with a diameter of up to 14mm.

HT-222 Precise Electrical Wire Cutters

The HT-222 Electrical Cutter is a precision tool designed for cutting material with a thickness of up to 3.0mm.

HT-502C Ribbon Cable Cutters

The HT-502C Ribbon Cable Cutter is a cutting tool designed for cutting ribbon cable up to 30mm wide.

MT-535 Ratchet Cable Cutting Hand Tool

This ratchet cable cutting hand tool will cut up to 350MCM Copper, 500MCM Aluminium Power Cable.

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