Second User Component Preparation Equipment

Second User County Component Counting Machine

The county evo is a microcomputer based instrument which counts radial and axial components on tape. The County Evo Component Counter will count both right or left.

Second User County S SMD Component Counting Machine

The County S Evo Component Counting Machine is a motorized machine for SMD Component Counting. This machine works in a simple way by counting the holes on the tape.

Second User Motorised TP6/1 Axial Component Former

The standard model TP6 Axial Component Former is designed for cutting and bending taped Axial Components. These Axial Component Formers will form components with a lead diameter, depending on machine version, of between 0.4 and 1.4mm diameter.

Second User/Ex Demo VB CUTBEND Low Cost Component Cut & Bend Machine

The model CUTBEND is a low cost, high quality Swiss built Resistor Cutting and Forming Machine. The CUTBEND can easily be adjusted and readjusted for different components and dimensions.

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