Wire Twisting Machines

(FE-TWX) Evo Twist Wire Twisting Machine

The Evo Twist (FE-TWX) Wire Twister is an electrically operated unit for the manufacture of twisted cables in pairs, triples etc.

EC2T Evo Stranded Wire Twisting Machine

The EC2T Rotary Wire Twister quickly restores twist to pre-stripped stranded conductors.

KS-09S/W501 Rotary Wire Stripper and Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

The KS-09S/W501 Coax & Wire Stripper is a programmable multi step stripping machine for coax cables and a rotary wire stripper up to 5mm O.D.

Model 5025 Electric Wire Twister

Introducing the model 5025 Electric Hand Held Wire Twister is used for twisting to or more wires at lengths of up to 20ft (6m).

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