Strip & Crimp Machines

*NEW* KS Range of Electric Wire Stripping & Crimping Machine

KS Range of Electric Strip and Crimp Machines, 2 models available. Wire Sizes 18-32AWG and 16-34AWG. Both machine will accept a maximum terminal length of 18mm.

MC25 Automatic Stripping and Crimping Machine

The MC25 Stripper/Crimper will strip PVC flexible insulated cables and crimp insulated end sleeves complying with DIN 46228 Part 4 from 0.20-2.5mm² with a set strip length of 8mm.

MC40 Automatic Stripper & Crimper

The MC40 Automatic Stripping and Crimping machine is an electro-pneumatic controlled machine which will process loose wire end sleeves with plastic insulation.

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