Strain Testing Equipment

50FGN Digital Force Gauge

The Series 4 Push/Pull Ni-Cad Rechargeable Digital Force Gauge is available in 4 force range versions. Up to 2kg, 5kg, 20kg and 50kg. Each unit will display force measured in Kg, Newtons or Lb's which is selectable using the unit key.

DPT50 Evo Digital Crimp Pull Tester

The DPT is a Digital Load Cell Pull Tester for cables and crimps. It has a capacity up to 50Kgs (100Lbs, 500 Newton's). It can display results in Kg, Lbs or Newton's and has a peak setting for non-destructive testing.

HP100 Digital Torque Meters

The HP100 Digital Torque Meter is compact and easy to use and fully rechargeable for portal use. It is used for measuring the torque settings of Electric Screwdrivers, Torque Drivers and Torque Wrenches.

SH1K~500K Series Push/Pull Force Gauge

The SH Series Digital Push Pull Gauge with Remote Sensor offers a new efficient generation of push pull testing and is ideal for using with our SJV-5K Test Stand for larger capacity testing or for your own application.

SH2~500 Series Push/Pull Force Gauges

The SH Series Push Pull Gauge offers a new efficient generation of push pull testing for using in conjunction with our SLK, SLR and SJV-5K range of Test Stands. This digital gauge has a high resolution and accuracy making it suitable for a wide selection of testing applications.

SJV-5K Electric Vertical Test Stand

The SJV-5K is an Electric vertical motorised test stand specially designed to take the Series 4 range of digital push or pull gauges. This dual vertical stand pole with single motorised screw feed is easy to use and there is a wide range of tooling available for a wide range of different applications.

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