Second User Coax Strippers

Second User Schleuniger 207/HC207 Coaxial Cable Strippers

The Schleuniger 207 Semi-Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine is electronically controlled and has been designed to strip single wires or coaxial cables according to the stripping settings 1, 2 or 3 with a maximum strip length of 20mm and a maximum outer diameter of 7mm.

Second User Schleuniger CO257/MP257 Coax Stripping Machines

The Schleuniger MP257 Cable Stripping Machine is an electric model capable of precision stripping coaxial cables in one multi-step operation.

Second User Schleuniger CO8015/MP8015 Coaxial Cable Stripping Machines

The Schleuniger MP8015 Coax Cable Stripping Machine is an electric table-top model capable of high-precision, multi-step stripping (up to 9 stripping steps) of coaxial cables in one single operation.

Second User Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5300 Coaxial Cable Stripper

The CoaxStrip 5300 is a fully programmable multi-step stripping machine for coaxial, triaxial, multi-conductor cable and single conductor wire.

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