Second User Automatic Cut & Strip Machines

Second User Carpenter Model 97 Compu-Strip Pneumatic Cut & Strip Machine

The Carpenter Compu-Strip 97 is a fully programmable bench top Pneumatic Cut & Strip Machine utilizing High Torque Stepper Motors & Belt Feed Material Transportation.

Second User Komax 33/Komax 34 Automatic Cut & Strip Machines

The Komax 33 Automatic Cutting & Stripping Machine has the Latest technologies which can meet the ever tough demands in the wire processing industry.

Second User Komax Kappa 210/220 Cut & Strip Machines

These cut and strip machines offer a wide range of cable processing capabilities with the Kappa 220 offering extensive options.

Second User Schleuniger CS9050 Cut & Strip Machine

The Schleuniger CS9050 Automatic Cut & Strip Machine is a high-performance cutting and stripping machine which offers efficient, quality processing of wires, braids and tubings.

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