Outer Jacket Strippers

AKM-405 Pneumatic Cable Stripper

The AKM-405 Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine is a powerful cable stripper for cables with a diameter of 4-15mm O.D (6-70mm²).

CS2000 Evo Outer Jacket Stripper

The CS2000 is a robust bench mounted, hand operated Lever Wire Stripper.

D2 Manual Multicore Wire Stripper

A quick and simple solution to multi-core wire stripping suitable for production wire stripping by a single pull on the handle.

KS-W70* Series of Semi-Automatic Cable Stripping Machine

This Rotary Cable Stripping Machine is designed to process a wide range of cable insulations up to 45mm diameter.

Simplomat Pneumatic Cable Strippers

The Simplomat is a large capacity Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine for single and multi-core cables.

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