Lever/Trigger Start Pneumatic Screwdrivers

We do also have some Pneumatic Screwdrivers currently on special offer, please visit the Special Offers Section on the Main Drop Down Menu.

*Discontinued* FLF Lever Start Oil Free Pneumatic Screwdriver

The new range of Pneumatic Screwdrivers from Sumake boast a huge range of features only found on more expensive models they include:

*NEW* Sumake FL (Lever Start) Range of Pneumatic Screwdrivers

Introducing the *NEW* range of Lever Start Pneumatic Screwdrivers from Sumake. These Air Screwdrivers have replaced the old Sumake FLF Range of Pneumatic Screwdrivers.

Sumake CL Lever Handle Air Screwdriver

This new range of Pneumatic Screwdrivers from Sumake have been designed with the user in mind. Many patents have been filed in the manufacture of these new Air Screwdrivers.

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