Lever/Trigger Start Electric Screwdrivers

We do also have some Electric Screwdrivers currently on special offer, please visit the Special Offers Section on the Main Drop Down Menu.

*Best Seller* Lever/Trigger Start Budget Electric Screwdriver

High performance DC motor design for increased durability and flexibility.

Lever Start Brushless Digital Counter Electric Screwdriver

The Digital Counter Range of Brushless Electric Screwdrivers features an innovative brushless motor design (eliminates carbon dust) which results in low maintenance.

Lever Start Brushless Powerful Torque Electric Screwdrivers

The Powerful Torque range of Electric Screwdrivers (2~18Nm) also utilises the Sumake Brushless Motor design which does not create carbon dust making it ideal for assembling high torque products in a clean-room environment.

Lever Start Standard Brushless Electric Screwdrivers

High performance brushless motor design for increased durability and flexibility. This is a brand new Electric Screwdriver Range from Sumake featuring a new brushless motor.

Lever/Trigger Start Brushless Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Introducing the new Industrial Cordless Electric Screwdriver range with Lithium Ion Battery, this screwdriver delivers a high accuracy torque and long lasting motor life cycle.

Lever/Trigger Start Direct Plug In Electric Screwdrivers

The AC Full Auto Direct Plug In Electric Screwdriver Range is easy to operate and employs an extra strong magnet for increased endurance.

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