Crimping Machines

*Best Seller* FEK-60EM Electric Crimping Machine
This bench top electric crimper is capable of crimping a wide range of crimp terminals and connectors offering superb value for money.
*New* KS-T816 Terminal Crimping Machine
This crimping machine is capable of processing up to 50mm² Terminals as well as crimping the standard smaller range of terminals.
EC65 Electric Crimping Machine
The EC65 Electric Crimping Machine is compact and lightweight, yet rugged enough for the factory floor. It is well suited for complex cable harness assembly application.
FEK-5ND Pneumatic Crimper
The FEK-5ND Pneumatic Crimping Machine is an economical bench top crimping machine suitable for a wide range of connectors and presents the ideal step up from manual crimping.
KS-T930 Series Terminal Crimping Machines
The KS-T930 Series of Terminal Crimping Machines ensure that the correct amount of force and displacement is applied to the terminals when they are crimped to the wires.
PFC Range of Pneumatic Bootlace Ferrule Crimpers
The PFC Pneumatic Ferrule Crimpers are lightweight and easy to use. The Bench top models are supplied with an foot pedal.
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