Coax Wire Stripping

74C Coaxial Wire Stripper

The Model 74C Coax Wire Stripping Machine is designed to provide fast, economical three step stripping of coaxial cables.

KS-09S/W501 Rotary Wire Stripper and Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

The KS-09S/W501 Coax & Wire Stripper is a programmable multi step stripping machine for coax cables and a rotary wire stripper up to 7mm O.D.

KS-W66* Series of Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripping Machines

The KS-W66* Series of Coax Cable Strippers are programmable multi step stripping machines for coax cables up to 25mm O.D.

KS-W88* Series of Automatic Coax Cable Cut & Strip Machines

The KS-W88* Series of Automatic Coax Cable Cut and Strip Machines are designed to strip a maximum of 3 layers from Coaxial Cables with a maximum outer diameter of 3.5mm.

Model 1066 Bench Mounted Coax Cable Stripper

The Model 1066 Coax Wire Stripper will strip Coax, Tri-Axial and small semi rigid cable. The cycle time for the stripping operation is 3 seconds.

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