Cable Coilers

Collapsible Cable Coilers

The Series 4 range of coilers is ideal for reeling into hanks cable or tubing from reels, loose fed or from a cutting machine or via the Series 4 1420 Measuring Meter.

Model 284 Cable Dereeling and Spooling Device

The 284 is a 24" diameter reel thata accommodates coils and spools up to 68Kg (150lbs) in weight.

Model 300/318 Cable Spoolers/Winders

The Model 300 Coiler has a variable diameter of up to 250mm. The Model 318 Spooler/Winder will accommodate drums up to 250mm wide.

Model 370 Cable Dispenser

The Model 370 Dispenser is ideal for spooling off loose cable or tubing into cutting machines or via the 1420 Measuring Meter.

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