Screwdriver Accessories

We do also have some Screwdriver Accessories currently on special offer, please visit the Special Offers Section on the Main Drop Down Menu.

Mag-O-Nets – Torque Marking System
The coloured Mag-O-Nets give you an easily visible torque marking system at a glance for all Electric and Pneumatic Screwdrivers.
Nejicco SAS 705A Automatic Screw Feeder
The Nejicco screw feeder is compact in size, allowing for an operator to operate more than one unit at a time. Convenient to use, and it's wide adaptability means improved productivity for your operators.
SF60/A358 Automatic Screw Feeder
Sumake A358/SF60 Screw Feeding Machine for Screws between M1.0 and M5.0 and up to 19mm in length under the screw head.
SFR30 Automatic Screw Feeder
Sumake SFR30 Automatic Screw Feeder for automatic pick up of screws with a size range of M0.8~M3.0 screw head diameter 1.2~9.5mm with a length of 1.0~15mm.
Sumake Electric Screwdriver Suspension Holsters
Sumake Suspension Holsters for EA-203-745, EA-B203-B650, ED-212-645 and ES-207-645 Screwdriver Models.
Sumake Electric Screwdrivers Pistol Grip Attachments
Sumake Electric Screwdrivers Pistol Grip Attachments for the following models; EA-B630-B650, ED-513 and ED-520 Electric Screwdrivers.
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