Screwdriver Accessories

We do also have some Screwdriver Accessories currently on special offer, please visit the Special Offers Section on the Main Drop Down Menu.

*New* AUXA Auxiliary Torque Arm
Auxiliary Torque Arm for Screwdriver models 203-745 (Ext Brush), B203-B7120 (Brushless) and BAN960-BAN9250 (Powerful Torque).
*New* Telescopic Linear Torque Arms
Telescopic Torque Arm for Screwdriver models BN412-BN7120, BAN960-BAN9500, BD412-BD650, BTN960-BTN9180, ED617-ED645 and ES618-ES645
Connection Leads (from PSU to Screwdriver)
Sumake 6 Pin Connection Leads for both the Standard External Brush Series (203-745) and the Standard Brushless Range (B203-B650).
Electric Screwdrivers 90 Degree/Right Angle Attachment
Sumake 90 Degree/Right Angle Attachment for EA-412-745, EA-B412-B650, EA-BD630-BD650, ED-212-645 and BA960-BA9180 Screwdriver Models.
Electric Screwdrivers Torque Locking/Fixing Rings
Sumake Torque Locking Rings for Various Screwdriver Ranges; Ext Brush Series, Brushless Series, Brushless Digital Counter Series and Direct Plug In Series.
Electric/Pneumatic Screwdriver Spring Balancers
Sumake Spring Balancers for various Sumake Electric Screwdrivers. Capacity of these Spring Balancers range from 0.3Kgs to 5.0Kgs. Cable Travel between 1.5 and 1.6M.
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