SP101 Wire Cutting Machine

SP101 Wire Cutting Machine:

The SP101 Electro-Pneumatic Wire Cutting Machine has a large cutting-capacity, coupled with an opening of 50 x 20mm enables a large of materials to be processed such as: Single cables from 0.1 to 25mm², Multicore cables up to 5 x 2.5mm², Flat and ribbon cable of different sizes, Heat-shrinkable tubing and Conduit up to 20mm O.D. These materials can be but without changing parts of the machine making the job easier and quicker. From the keyboard of the SP101 Wire Cutter, it is possible to program and modify all of the time and speed settings in order to get the maximum productivity and quality of the manufactured products. The machine shown in the picture above has the guard removed for clarity.

SP101 Electro-Pneumatic Cutting Machine Technical Data:
Solid Core Wire Size: 25mm² + Insulation (Max)
Flat Cable/Tubing: 80mm Wide (with Special Machine Version)
Cycle Time: 0.6secs
Cutting Length Tolerance: +/- 1%
Required Air Pressure: 2-6 Bar
Voltage: 110/220/240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 470 x 390 x 275mm
Weight: 18.5Kgs
Warranty: 12 Months
Product Order Codes:
MC0101 - SP101 Wire Cutting Machine
MC0102 - SP101 80mm Special Version

Common Spare Parts:
AC0101 - SP101 Upper Cutting Knife (Sold as each)
AC0102 - SP101 Lower Cutting Knife (Sold as each)
AC0104 - SP101 Carbide (90%)/Cobalt (10%) Cutting Knife (Sold as a set)
AC0105 - SP101 Upper & Lower Cutting Knife Set (80mm Wide Machine)
AC0110 - SP101 Kit of 4 Guiding Rollers (Sold as a set)
AC0111 - SP101 Length Measuring Roller
AC0112 - SP101 Encoder Roller
AC0113 - SP101 Dragging Roller
AC0114 - SP101 Vulcanised Dragging Roller

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