Second User Kirsten/Schleuniger PP3 Stripper/Crimper

Second User Kirsten/Schleuniger PP3 Stripper/Crimper:

This semi-automatic air operated Schleuniger/Kirsten PP3 Stripping and Crimping Machine is designed for stripping and crimping of stranded or single wire conductors with gauges from 0.05 to 1.5mm² and for the simultaneous crimping of almost all banded contacts available on the market.

Schleuniger/Kirsten PP3 Stripping & Crimping Machine Technical Data:
Wire Size: 30-16AWG (0.051-1.5mm²)
Minimum Wire Length: 12mm
Production/Speed: 2000-2500pcs Per Hour
Mechanical Cycle: 1.2 Seconds
Required Air Pressure (Internal): 4-6Bar
Required Air Pressure (External): Max 10Bar
Air Consumption Per Cycle: 1.45 Nlt (6Bar)
Counter: 4 Digits (Backspaceable)
Noise Level: 75dB
Weight: 15.2Kgs
Dimensions: 130 x 180 x 330mm

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