Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper

Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper:

The Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper is an all purpose tool capable of removing the enamel insulation from copper wire to facilitate termination, e.g. soldering wire ends of stator and transformer coils.

The Abisofix Magnet Stripper stripping head utilises three weighted tungsten carbide blades, the depth of stripping being controlled by a low voltage bench power supply/speed control unit.

The Abisofix Enamel Stripper is also available with an optional strip length limited, fitted to the stripping head for accurate and repeatable results. For batch production an optional electric footswitch and bench holder are also available.

Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper Options – Photos of all the below items can be view under product photos:

  • PS42 Power Supply (MUK6100): Switchable 110v/220v Power Supply Unit. Will power one hand piece only
  • Abisofix Hand Piece (CF0330): This is the hand piece that plugs into the PS42 Power Supply for the unit to work. You can specify which stripping head you require fitted to this hand piece from the different types listed below. (CF0331): There is also an Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper with a Drilled out body for longer stripping lengths.
  • Standard Stripping Head: A1 Head – Enamel Film 0.2-0.8mm O.D (CF0270), A3 Head – Enamel Film 0.6-2.0mm O.D (CF0280), A5 Head – Enamel Film 1.2-4.5mm O.D (CF0290).
  • Standard Stripping Head inc Length Stop: A1/LM Head – Enamel Film 0.2-0.8mm O.D (CF0270/LM), A3/LM Head – Enamel Film 0.6-2.0mm O.D (CF0280/LM), A5/LM Head – Enamel Film 1.2-4.5mm O.D (CF0290/LM)
  • AS Stripping Head (CF0291): In special applications, especially with electronics it may be necessary to strip up very close to a component.
  • Flat Blade Set Stripping Head: Stripping of cables and wires with a larger wall thickness. Only available with strip length stop and blade limiting. AFLM3 Head – 0.6-4.0mm O.D (CF0294), AFLM5 Head – 2.0-5.0mm O.D (CF0295).
  • Small Stripping Head: Stripping and cleaning of wire pins of varnish or solder metal. Minimum distance of pins 5mm. Stripping length 0.5-30mm. The pin diameter is slightly adjustable. AK1 Head – 0.5mm Diameter Wire/Pin, AK2 Head – 0.6mm Diameter Wire/Pin, AK3 Head – 0.7mm Diameter Wire/Pin, AK4 Head – 0.8mm Diameter Wire/Pin (CF0296), AK5 Head – 0.9mm Diameter Wire/Pin (CF0301), AK6 Head – 1.0mm Diameter Wire/Pin, AK7 Head – 1.1mm Diameter Wire/Pin, AK8 Head – 1.2mm Diameter Wire/Pin (CF0298).
  • Model R (CF0130): Rasp head for rectangular section.
  • Model H (CF0340): Twisting Hook for twisting two or more wires together.
  • Twisting Stripped Stranded Wires Heads: Model AV3 Head – 0.18-2.5mm² (CF0297), Model AV5 Head – 0.25-6.0mm² (CF0302).
  • Abisofix Bench Holder & Footswitch (CF0099): Turns the Abisofix into a bench mounted unit. Hand piece is not included. This also includes a conversion of the PS42 Power Supply to suit the foot switch.

Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripping Machine Technical Data:
Dimensions: 40 x 180mm
Weight: 455g (Handpiece inc cord)
Voltage: PS42 PSU Input: 220-240V or 110V, Output: 42V
Warranty: 12 Months
Product Order Codes:
MC6000/6001/6002 - Abisofix A1/A3/A5 Enamel Stripper
MC6000LM/6001LM/6002LM - Abisofix A1LM/A3LM/A5LM Enamel Stripper
MC6003 - Abisofix AVH Twister (Hook)
MC6004/3 & 6004/5 - Abisofix AV3 & AV5 Stranded Wire
MC6005 - Abisofix AF Milling Rasp
MC6006 - Abisofix AS Up Close Stripper
CF0331 - Abisofix Hand Piece with Drilled Out Body (Without Head)
MUK6100 - PS42 Power Supply For Abisofix

Common Spare Parts:
CF0010 - Motor Brush for Abisofix (Sold each, 2 required)
CF0020 - Carbide Blade for A1 Head (Sold Each, 3 Required)
CF0030 - Carbide Blade for A3 Head (Sold Each, 3 Required)
CF0040 - Carbide Blade for A5 Head (Sold Each, 3 Required)
CF0050 - Nose Cone
CF0060 - Plexiglass Guard (Clear perspex guard for blades)
CF0270 - Head Complete A1
CF0270/LM - Head Complete A1LM
CF0280 - Head Complete A3
CF0280/LM - Head Complete A3LM
CF0290 - Head Complete A5
CF0290/LM - Head Complete A5LM
CF0293 - Head Complete Type Vh Twisting Hook
CF0340 - Twisting Hook Vh

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