4250 Manual Ribbon Cable Slitter

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4250 Manual Ribbon Cable Slitter:

Second User units are also available.

The model 4250 Ribbon Cable Slitter is bench mounted and hand operated. This 4250 Ribbon Cable Separator only has two moving parts. The 4250 Ribbon Cable Splitter will separate anywhere along the cable. Standard maximum cable width is 3.00″ (approx 76mm) and separates 0.050″ center cable as standard. The hand operated Ribbon Cable Slitter will separate up to 4″ (approx 100mm) length per revolution. If you have a special cable please contact us directly.

64 Conductor 0.050″ center cable tool available.

100 Conductor 0.025″ center cable tool available.

Model 4250 Hand Operated Ribbon Cable Separator Technical Data:

Dimensions 50mm x 203mm x 254mm
Weight 3.63kg (8 lbs)
Warranty 12 Months
Product Order Code MC2100 – Model 4250 Bench Mounted Ribbon Cable Splitter

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4250 Manual Ribbon Cable Slitter Overall rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 0 based on 0 reviews
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