1420 Wire and Cable Measuring Meter

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1420 Metric Measuring Meter:

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The 1420 Metric Measuring Meter possess low friction, positive control guiding components which assure the straight line contact with the measuring wheel, the most important factor in measurement accuracy.  A digital counter rated a 300m/min is housed in a dust-tight case.

The 1420 will also measure wire rope and has quickly interchangeable guide tubes to accurately guide hard-to-measure materials. All shafts and surfaces subject to wear are made of heat treated or stainless steel. The Digital Counter adds or subtracts and resets to zero with one turn of the knob.

1420U – Metric Measuring Meter with Urethane Feed Rollers for Slippery Materials
1410 – Imperial Meter with Counter in Feet/Inches
1440 – Meter with Toothed Measuring Wheel and Pressure Shoe for Measuring Cord
1470 – Swivelling Roller Guide for Right Angle Entry if Unit is Wall Mounted
 201 – 355mm Bench Stand
 357 – Rack Mounted Swivel Stand allow Pivoting for Safe Storage
359 – Rack or Stand Mounting Bracket
366 – Wall Mounting Bracket

1410/1420 Imperial/Metric Measuring Meter Technical Data:

Minimum Cable Diameter: 0.4mm
Maximum Cable Diameter: 24.0mm
Maximum Measuring Length:  1410 Imperial Measuring Meter: 9999ft 11in
1420 Metric Measuring Meter: 999.9 Meters
Weight: 2.3 Kgs
Dimensions: 216mm x 185mm
Warranty: 12 Months
Product Order Code: DE2000 – 1420 Metric Measuring Meter
DE2000U – 1420 Metric Measuring Meter (Urethane Rollers)
DE2010 – 1410 Imperial Measuring Meter
DE2010U – 1410 Imperial Measuring Meter (Urethane Rollers)
DE2040 – 1440 Metric Cordage Meter
Common Spare Parts: DE2001 – Model 359 Channel Mount
DE2002 – Model 357 Extenable Mount
DE2003 – Model 366 Wall Bracket
DE2004 – Model 1470 Swivel Nylon Roller
DE2005 – Bench Stand for 1410/20 (201) 


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1420 Wire and Cable Measuring Meter Overall rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 0 based on 0 reviews
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